The University of Tennessee Badminton Club is a registered student organization located on the main campus of the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, Tennessee. The goal of the club is to promote the game and sport of badminton by holding regular practices, organizing ladder competitions and tournaments, and participate in external badminton tournaments.

Its membership includes undergraduate and graduate students, staff and professionals, professors, administrators, and alumni on the UT campus as well as enthusiastic players from outside the UT community. The Club welcomes anyone interested in learning and promoting the sport of badminton.

Club History:

Badminton didn't start out as an official sports club at UT. Many students were getting together to play for the past seven years. In 2007, Dr. Qizin Zhong and Farhaz Nooralli founded the club as demand for the sport grew. The club started out with one session per week. Now, it plays twice a week. The club membership has been growing attracting students and faculty. The club enjoys a variety of diverse cultures with players from US, England, Canada, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Taiwan, China, Thailand, Russia, and Africa.